Computer Networks -1

Computer Networks -1 1.2

This ultimate free application is for all students across the world.

This ultimate free application is for all students across the world.

This ultimate free application is for all students across the world. It covers 144 topics of Computer networks in detail. These 144 topics are divided in 8 units.

Each topic is around 600 words and is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations along with simple text explaining the concept in detail.

This USP of this application is "ultra-portability". Students can access the content on-the-go from anywhere they like.

Basically, each topic is like a detailed flash card and will make the lives of students simpler and easier.

Some of topics Covered in this application are:

1. Growth Of Computer Networking

2. Networking Seems Complex

3. Five Key Aspects Of Networking

4. Local area network

5. Metropolitan Area Network

6. Wide Area Network

7. OSI reference Model

8. TCP/IP Reference Model

9. Comparison of the OSI and TCP/IP Reference Models

10. Problems of the TCP/IP Reference Mode

11. Problems of the OSI Model


13. Architecture of the Internet

14. ATM Reference Model

15. Client-server model

16. Peer-to-peer Communication

17. Transmission technologies

18. Connection-Oriented and Connectionless Services

19. Protocol Hierarchies

20. Interfaces

21. Services of layers

22. X.25 networks

23. Applications of computer networks

24. Using layered protocols

25. simplex, half-duplex and full-duplex communication

26. Novell NetWare IPX packet

27. Network topologies

28. Taxonomy By Forms Of Energy

29. Coaxial Cable

30. Twisted Pair

31. Fiber optic cables

32. Compare Fiber Optics and Copper Wire

33. Switching

34. Compare circuit-switched and packet-switched networks

35. Dual cable and single cable systems

36. Single mode and multimode fibers

37. Disadvantages of optical fiber

38. Serial Transmission

39. ISDN Architecture

40. Objectives of ISDN

41. ISDN Reference Model

42. Data Link layer design issues

43. Services provided by the data link layer

44. Framing in data link layer

45. Error-Correcting Codes

46. Unrestricted Simplex Protocol

47. A Simplex Stop-and-Wait Protocol

48. Simplex Protocol for a Noisy Channel

49. Sliding Window Protocols

50. One-Bit Sliding Window Protocol

51. A Protocol Using Go Back N

52. High-Level Data Link Control

53. Data Link Layer in Internet

54. The Point-to-Point Protocol

55. Point-to-Point Protocol frame format

56. LCP packets

57. Static Channel Allocation

58. Dynamic Channel Allocation in LANs and MANs


60. Slotted ALOHA

61. 1-persistent CSMA

62. Non-persistent CSMA

63. p-persistent CSMA

64. CSMA with Collision Detection

65. Bit-map collision free protocol

66. Binary countdown protocol

67. Limited-Contention Protocols

68. Adaptive Tree Walk Protocol

69. Ethernet Cabling

70. Cable topologies of Ethernet

71. Manchester Encoding

72. 802.3 frame format

73. Binary Exponential Backoff Algorithm

74. Services of 802.11

75. Bridges

76. Operation of Two Port Bridge

77. Spanning Tree Bridges

78. Remote Bridges

79. Token Frame Format

80. 802.4 Frame Format

81. Network layer services to transport layer

82. Functions of the communication subnet

83. Virtual circuit network

84. Compare Virtual-Circuit and Datagram Subnets

85. Routing algorithm

86. Optimality Principle

87. Shortest path routing algorithm

88. Flooding

89. Distance vector routing algorithms

90. Count-to-infinity problem

91. Hierarchical routing

92. Reverse path forwarding

93. Public key Cryptography

94. Broadcast routing algorithm

95. Multicast routing algorithm

96. Electronic Mail

97. Basic functions of e-mail system

98. Authentication Protocols

99. Post Office Protocol

100. Privacy Enhanced Mail

101. Features of application layer

102. Encryption

103. Virtual Terminal Protocol

104. World Wide Web

105. Symmetric cipher model

106. Key secrecy and algorithm secrecy

107. Cryptanalysis

108. Security

109. Pros and cons of security

110. Data Encryption Standard

All topics are not listed because of character limitations set by the Play Store.

Computer Networks -1


Computer Networks -1 1.2